Uninsured Drivers on Idaho Roads is on the Rise

A startling new study shows that there was a 22% increase in uninsured drivers on Idaho roads from 2012 to 2015. Being hit by an uninsured driver can leave all the financial responsibility to your insurance, which would be devastating for rates.

This leads to one simple question: Why are they not insured? The answer is more complex than you think.

Unfortunately, there’s not an easy way to enforce this. When you get your liscence and/or registration at the DMV you aren’t required to show proof of ID. Some counties have made you promise to have this insurance, but that is a promise that can’t be followed up on easily. One of the few ways it can be followed up on is if you’re ever pulled over and don’t have insurance you can be fined. This is also unreliable since many times when the uninsured are talking to police its after they’ve already hit someone.

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