The Gap Remains

Idaho has failed to expand healthcare to 35,000-62,000 Idahoans for the 6th row in a year. This expansion would help Idahoans in “the gap”, where they make too much for MedicAid and too little to qualify for subsidized privatized health insurance.

Idaho has tried to come up with ways around it to come up with an “Idaho solution”, but all have proved fruitless. The most recent example was Butch Otter’s health insurance plans that wouldn’t have been beholden to the ACA. Despite Idaho’s attempt being struck down by the White House, many are pointing to it’s suggesting a revised version of the law to be the light at the end of the tunnel. However, this plan, if widespread, would still would have major problems for those in the gap that have medical needs. Insurance would be impractically expensive.

Idaho hasn’t passed anything as of yet, and not for a lack of trying. This year alone the state house of representatives has refused to do anything twice. Rep. Christy Perry from Nampa, after the push failed for the 2nd time, said “I have been all but spit on in this body for bringing it back”, and will not be running for her office again, due to her difficulties getting anything done. With the elections coming up, Rep. Ilana Rubel implied that many may be continuing to put off a vote until next year so that representatives could focus on their campaigns. To that, Rep. Margie Gannon of St. Maries said, “If you’re that worried that your vote is going to look bad somewhere, maybe you need to rethink your vote.”

For now, Idaho remains a state with one of the biggest gaps between MedicAid and subsidized privatized health insurance. Will this change any year soon? Time will tell.


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