Regence: Individual and Small Group Plans Can Now Be Renewed

Regence Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Idaho individual medical plan customers who are renewing in January, February, or March of 2014 — and who received discontinuation notices from Regence — can now keep their current plans.

Individual Plan Renewals for January, February, and March 2014

Members are receiving letters from Regence explaining the change and their options for coverage.

If a member renewing in January would like to change to Regence’s ACA-compliant plan or purchase insurance through the Idaho Exchange (Your Health Idaho), they need to let Regence know by December 31.
Members renewing in February will need to notify Regence by January 31.
March renewing members need to be in touch with Regence by February 28.

All members renewing their 2013 plans will have a rate adjustment.  Members’ new rates will reflect rising medical costs, current ages of all members covered, and changes in mandated federal and state taxes and fees.

Small Group Plan Renewals for January, February, and March 2014

Small group plans can also keep their existing plans.  Regence will automatically renew the group’s health plan based on the original renewal date in 2013 and at their current rate.  In addition, no plan changes can be made if they want to renew their existing plans at the 2013 rate.

If a small group has a January renewal date and they decide to change plans or purchase insurance through the Idaho Exchange, they must let Regence know by January 5, 2014.

For more information, please visit and to learn more about these new options.  Regence also has an online FAQ available with additional information.


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