Insurers spending millions to carry out Healthcare Reform law

“The nation’s big insurers are spending millions to carry out President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul even though there’s a chance the wide-reaching law won’t survive Supreme Court scrutiny.” Kirk Roy, vice president of national health reform with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, remarked, “Waiting is too big a business risk for any insurer.”

“Much of the money insurers are spending is paying for a close look at how to set premiums high enough to cover the expected increase in claims from people with pre-existing diseases, but not so high that healthy customers are scared off,” including “research into how many people with chronic conditions will need expensive prescriptions or how their customers will use health care.”

One area health insurance insurers are saving is to cut agents service fees (helping their clients) in half or to do away with insurance agents all together. The insurers are gearing up for most of their clients to get their health insurance on-line with a computer and everyone will have to rely on studying 6 pages per plan, per company, to decide which plan is best for them come January 1, 2014 (in the Exchanges).

If you have questions, there will be a Government 1-800 number to call for help. Some people called “Navigators” will be available somewhere to also answer questions for you concerning the plans available to you in your service area Exchange.

The concept of an unlicensed navigator replacing the role of a broker, or otherwise providing support to patients, has created fear among many health care experts, who are concerned about consumers receiving inaccurate advise about their health care coverage options.

You may still get your health insurance outside Exchanges and still get the personal service as you do today.

This way, you always have the same person to get to for questions, problems, claims issues, renewal information, plan shopping, name changes, dependent coverage changes and questions, employment status changes, group health plans vs individual plans.

The new Federal rules guidelines, Idaho State guidelines and each individual insurance company guidelines. Your insurance Agent or Broker will still be your “Hands-on” resource.

The Federal Exchanges at this point do not allow for Agents or Brokers… you are pretty much on your own to figure out all insurance issues unless you call the 1-800 number or track down a Navigator for questions regarding coverages you are looking to purchase.

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