Health Insurance rebates

The talk about the rebates that people may get when broken down aren’t as spectacular as it first appears.

The highest rebates are estimated to be paid in the individual market, where the best guess is that 31% of insurance consumers nationally will be getting a yearly rebate of about $127 per person. In the small group market, about 28% of groups will be eligible for a rebate, with the average amount going to employers expected to be $21 per enrollee.

In the large group market, 17% of fully-insured large groups are sharing an estimate of $541 million in rebates.

That translates to an average of $14 per enrollee over a year’s time. Given that the average cost of employer-provided family health insurance is now about $13,000 per year, it’s doubtful that many people will find $14 to be a real savings.

Also, because many will receive a premium credit from the insurance carrier instead of a rebate check the impact will be minimal if not downright negligible.

The disruption of coverage’s, loss of agent services and higher premiums translate have tended to make a bigger impact than what we will see with the rebates.

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