Idaho’s new state health insurance exchange premiums are coming in below the average

Idaho Legislature’s joint Health Care Task Force this morning heard from Joy Wilson, the National Conference of State Legislatures’ Health and Human Services Policy Director.

According to Wilson, “The rates vary tremendously from state to state,” Wilson said.

For example, for a 27-year-old before any tax credits:

*  Lowest “bronze” level benefit plan: the average was $163 a month; Idaho’s rate is $150.
*  Lowest “silver” plan: average was $203, Idaho’s is $182
*  Lowest “gold” level plan: average is $240, Idaho’s is $211.

For catastrophic plans: Idaho is slightly above the average at $134, compared to $129.

Wilson said Alaska and Wyoming have the highest rates because “they’re people-challenged – they don’t have a lot of people, so there’s not a lot of competition. And their rates reflect that.”

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