Get Ahead of the Wet Season!

With Spring comes a whole host of exciting changes. One of them: the change from a wet to dry climate.

For the Treasure Valley and other areas around the state, too much of a good thing can be a problem, as the water is unable to be soaked up by the hard, winterized ground.

This can lead to a lot of flooding in the streets and yards, which in turn end up in low spots such as crawlspaces or basements. During this spring season, check your crawlspace to make sure you don’t have water pooling down there from all the precipitation and moisture being released from the ground.

If you do, stick a sump pump down there and get the water out or let the ground soak it back up. Placing a fan there will be really important to dry things out and prevent mold from growing which could in turn lead to bigger problems. Do a little work ahead of time so it saves you from doing a lot of work later down the road.


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