Dead Tree Limbs: Be Aware of Potential Hazards!

During this springtime, it’s important to note several safety items while attempting to remove dead limbs from your property.

If you’re wanting to shave off some dead tree limbs, it will be important to know what is under, around and near any falling limb from a tree. Time and time again, we get calls about such accidents happening, and it could have been easily prevented.

Take the extra step to move the car, shave off the tree in smaller sections, make sure no limb is going to break a window or put a whole in the roof. These little things will keep you from filing an auto or homeowners claim that will inevitably cause a raise in your insurance rates.

If this is old news to you, help remind a neighbor. Let them know what you know and educate on smart tree and limb trimming processes. We hope everybody has a safe, beautiful and warm Idaho spring week.


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