Your Health Idaho Struggling with 1+ Hour Wait Times

KTVB is reporting that its viewers are reporting wait times of 1+ hours to get through to a Your Health Idaho representative.

“We called Your Health Idaho to see what the wait was like. After waiting for about two minutes, it prompted us to leave a phone number due to the high volume of calls. They called back about 40 minutes later,” KTVB reporter Stephanie Zepelin said.

YHI’s Executive Director, Pat Kelly, says he is aware of the long wait times.  He recently added staff to YHI’s call center.

“This is something we expected to happen and we were able to put those people on the calls immediately, and we saw a decrease in hold times today,” said Kelly. “We are watching this and we’re adjusting our call center staffing accordingly.”

Kelly said it could get worse closer to the deadline.

“December 15 is a really important date for renewal,” he said. “That’s the date that they need to select a plan for coverage effective on January 1. So we’re adjusting our schedules as needed around the key dates.”

If you call their 800 number and leave a callback number, Kelly said you will get a call back that day.


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