Walgreens will be an in-network retail pharmacy for Pacific Source’s Medicare Advantage plans

Express Scripts (Pacific Source’s current pharmacy benefits manager) and Walgreens have reached an agreement to reestablish their relationship. As a result, Walgreens will be an in-network retail pharmacy for our all of our Medicare Advantage plans as of September 15, 2012.

Below are some FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When will Walgreens begin participating in our Medicare Advantage network of pharmacies?
Walgreens will again be an in-network pharmacy as of September 15th.

2. What if a member fills a prescription prior to September 15th?
Walgreens will not be a participating network pharmacy until September. If you choose to fill your prescription at Walgreens prior to this time, you will have to pay full price.

3. Are there other pharmacies affected by this situation or only Walgreens?
Only Walgreens-owned pharmacies in the network are affected. Walgreens operates under various names, such as Duane Reade and Happy Harry’s.

4. How can I confirm whether a pharmacy is in my network?
To find all participating pharmacies near you, log in to our website and use the “Find a Pharmacy” feature. Starting September your search results will include all the newly added Walgreens pharmacies as well.

5. Can a member transfer their current prescription(s) to Walgreens or another in-network pharmacy?
Members may continue using their current in-network pharmacy. To transfer a prescription to Walgreens or another participating pharmacy, members can usually bring their medicine bottle (with label) to the other pharmacy.

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