Short-term Healthcare

​The Trump administration made a final decision that will allow for health insurance companies to sell plans outside of the Affordable Care Act. These plans won’t be required to cover prescriptions, maternity care, or preexisting conditions.

Donald Trump believes that these new “short-term, limited-duration insurance” plans could help millions who don’t want comprehensive coverage still have health insurance. He continues on to say the new plans are “much less expensive health care at a much lower price”.

Many believe that these health insurance plans are bait to lure people away from comprehensive insurance plans through the healthcare marketplace, and eventually cause it’s collapse.

Under previous rules, short-term healthcare was limited to 3 months, but under this new ruling they could be up to 36 months.

What do you think? Is this a good move for the American people? How will it affect your healthcare? Call us up and let’s chat about your healthcare future.



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