Prepare to know your biography

Visitors to the Your Health Idaho website who are buying health insurance will soon have to take a quiz about their biographies.

Idaho’s Health Care Exchange will ask multiple-choice questions much lke those asked by credit bureaus when you try to pull a credit report.  For example, it will ask, “At which address did you previously reside?”, “Which bank did you use for a student loan?”, “What credit card did you open in 2010?” and “What was the color of your Volvo?”

Experian, a credit bureau, will coordinate identity verification.  Information will be based off data from utility companies, banks and motor-vehicle departments.

For the first year, the exchange will rely on federal exchange systems to present Idaho’s insurance offerings online. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services in Washington, D.C. is overseeing the system.

It will consider your income, employer health benefits and other information to decide whether you qualify for subsidized insurance and how much you must pay for coverage.

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