​Oregon Tax on Insurance Companies?

Next month Oregonians will have a vote; to tax insurance companies (and some hospitals) in hopes to stabalize rising premium costs or not in hopes that the low-income and disabled will be able to more readily afford healthcare.

Some are arguing that this will shift the cost to consumers. Some say that by not passing this bill medicare will be adversely affected. One thing is for sure: if the state votes “yes”, they’ll be looking for new ways to make up that lost revenue, and Oregon could be looking at a sales tax.

There is bipartisan support for the bill. Senate President Peter Courtney, a Democrat, and Ted Ferrioli who was the Senate Republican Leader until November, are both in support of it. They agree that its not often you see bipartisan support, but this is one of those times.

Could something like this be headed to our side of the Snake River?



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