Medicare Part D Open Enrollment Deadline

Medicare Part D’s open-enrollment deadline is December 7; is much earlier this year. Many seniors with Part D plans aren’t aware of the enrollment change and will miss the deadline to make changes in their coverage.

Time is quickly running out for seniors who haven’t asked the question of what to do about a Medicare Part D plan for next year. The deadline to sign up or change plans is Dec. 7 for next year’s coverage, which takes effect Jan. 1, 2012.

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Not enrolling in plans annually when Medicare eligibility applies means that when you do choose to take on Medicare Part D coverage, a penalty would be applied for all the months of not paying into the system and not having other drug coverage. For seniors who had a Medicare Part D plan in 2011, no action would be necessary to remain enrolled in that same plan for 2012.

By making sure that you have enrolled in a Medicare plan you will be covered come January 1, and for the rest of 2012, with the best plan that best meets your individual financial and health needs.

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Open enrollment for individuals and families and annual enrollment for Medicare has ended.
Please contact us if you believe you qualify for a special enrollment period, have recently lost coverage, or are new to Medicare