Major insurance company takes on the opioid epidemic

Legal opioids, such as OxyCotin, are fairly easy to get from a doctor. Many doctors will keep refilling these prescriptions indefinitely. The problem? These drugs are highly addictive and very dangerous.

More than 72,000 Americans died from opioid related drug overdoses in 2017. Its no secret that there’s an opioid epidemic. Even Donald Trump declared it a “national emergency”.

Cigna, a major insurance company, has recently taken steps to help prevent these deaths. They have made a commitment to cut opioid use by 25% with its customers by 2021. In addition, they’re helping customers create a plan to get weened off of opioids to prevent addiction and have been synergizing with doctors to prevent over prescribing.

Cigna is taking steps to help save lives. Will other insurance companies take these steps as well?


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