Idaho Insurance Exchange

The State of Idaho definitely should set up a state exchange versus a federal exchange.  If a federal exchange is put into place in the state of Idaho, then Idaho has no authority on policies and procedures.  By asking for the extension, it will also give Idaho more time to make a determination on how to set up the exchange.  An exchange will be set up whether it will be by the State or Federal Government.  As you can see, several million dollars have already been spent by the Federal Government to set up the exchanges.

The Washington Post  (1/18/2012, Kliff) reports in its “Wonkblog” that “the Obama administration has spent $729 million laying the groundwork for health insurance exchanges,” and “that number will likely tip over $1 billion in the coming months, as states continue setting up the new marketplaces where Americans will shop for health insurance beginning in 2014.”

Idaho DHW Head Requests Insurance Exchange Waiver

The Idaho Reporter (1/19/2012, Hurst) reports that Dick Armstrong, head of the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare (DHW), believes “the state may be running out of time to implement a state-based health insurance exchange.” He “penned a letter in early November asking Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to grant Idaho a waiver in the exchange implementation timeline,” as well as “to delay by a year the date by which the exchange must be fully implemented and functioning, now set for Jan 1, 2014.”

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