House Democrats: HHS Should Rethink ACA Cuts To Medicare Advantage

Some Congressional Democrats are objecting to upcoming Affordable Care Act’s cuts to Medicare Advantage.

22 Democrat Congressmen are warning the cuts could generate upward pressure on already-rising health insurance premiums.  They signed a letter to HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius saying they oppose the planned cuts.  The “Healthwatch” blog calls the battle over the ACA’s Medicare Advantage cuts Obama’s “new healthcare dilemma.”

Meanwhile, a multimillion-dollar lobbying strategy is underway to curtail proposed cuts to Medicare Advantage, the private health plans sold as alternatives to traditional Medicare.

The efforts on both sides serves as a wake-up call to 16 million elderly Americans who could lose easy access to Medicare Advantage, be forced to change doctors or face higher premiums because the ACA requires government reimbursements to Medicare Advantage to come more in line with traditional Medicare payments.


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