February 20th, 2018

President Trump has given his nod of approval to Idaho’s insurance experiment. He has allowed insurance companies to sell less comprehensive, limited duration (12 months) plans that don’t meet the ACA standards for lower costs. Some changes to these types plans may include discriminating based on pre-existing conditions, re-implementing annual coverage caps, and charging more for the sick.

While these plans will cost less, they are not eligible for the subsidies that the ACA usually provides to low to middle income households.

This solution for the healthy isn’t without worry, though. If enough people abandon the ACA healthcare plans, rates may sky rocket for those who stay. This would be particularly difficult for those with many medical needs, as the ACA was set up as a way to help those people. These new plans may also not cover basic things like cancer treatment, preventative care, or materinity care.

This is a big step in the Republicans’ quest to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Where and what will the next step be? Check back here for updates!


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