Enrollment Number Facts For Open Enrollment 2015

Enrollment Number Facts For Open Enrollment 2015

By the end of open enrollment 2015, 11.7 million were enrolled in state and federal marketplaces. 5.7 million stayed on their parents plan. Over 10.8 million enrolled in Medicaid or CHIP. In total that translates to about 16.4 million less uninsured with the uninsured rate falling from a 18% high in 2013 to a current 11.9% as of March 2015.

Marketplace enrollments were up from 10 million at the start of February. 4.5 million of these enrollments were auto-renews and renewals.

Federal only (HealthCare.Gov only) numbers were 7.1 million (as of Jan 16)6.8 million (as of Jan 9, 2015)6.6 million (as of Jan 2, 2015)6.5 million by end of 2014.

Federal marketplace enrollments don’t count those in the 14 states using their own marketplaces (estimated at 2.4 million as of January 16th, 2015 – you can also look at the state-by-state breakdown by HHS, but the exact numbers aren’t in yet), folks who got covered through Medicaid and CHIP (10 million), young adults staying on their parents’ plans (3 million), people on plans outside of the marketplace or job based coverage, and others in special situations. Considering the enrollment numbers so far and the fact that the employer mandate begins this year, we expect to see a pretty drastic decrease in the number of uninsured. We will have more detailed information as more reports come in.


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