Another ObamaCare Rule Change

Obamacare’s requirement that all Americans carry insurance or face penalties may not be much of a rule at all.

Many may be exempt from the “individual mandate” requirement and can apply for an exemption.  They include:

  • Homeless,
  • Homeowners who’ve been foreclosed upon,
  • Those whose utilities have been shut off,
  • Those who have suffered domestic violence,
  • Those who have experienced a death in their families, or
  • Anybody who believes they’ve had a “hardship in obtaining insurance”.

The exemption is active through 2016.

“If you’re a consumer and you’re looking at this, it leaves a lot of ambiguity,” Dan Mendelson, the president of Avalere Health, a Washington consulting firm. “You don’t know if you qualify for a hardship exemption but you are very likely to fall into one of these categories — or are able to get into one of these categories.”


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