ACA Misunderstood

According to HealthMarkets, with just one month to go before open enrollment begins on November 15th, a majority of Americans still do not appear to understand the impact and implications of the landmark legislation.

Nearly 60% of Americans do not believe the law has had an impact on their lives.

  • Of those who do believe the ACA has impacted them
  • 78% view the effects as negative
  • 48% claim that their taxes are higher
  • 55% claim their health insurance is more expensive
  • Only 20% believe they now have better coverage.

Across income levels, the amount that Americans say they can afford to spend out-of-pocket on health care costs is far below the deductibles, co-pays and other costs for most health plans offered on the exchange. Households earning the current U.S. median income of approximately $52,000 believe they can afford to spend up to an average of $976 on out-of-pocket health care costs annually, while in reality that same household with four family members could face costs of up to $10,400 under a Silver Plan ACA plan.


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